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     You are invited to join us at 10:00 on any Sunday morning to attend Mass at our church. No matter your background, ethnicity, or denomination, we don't look at that. Just people with good will looking for some place to fill out their souls. If you need comfort, a place to pray, this is the place. We do not judge—it's not up to us to judge.  All are welcome.
     The Mass liturgy is celebrated in English and booklets are available for you to  follow the service in comfort. Please come and worship along side the  friendly people of St. Casimir’s.

A Special Announcement...

     We are very thankful for the response we have received from our websie readers! In the very short period of time since we created our site, we have received many messages from you via the Contact Us page with comments and questions about our activities, and requests for information about our church, our cemetery and the PNCC in general.  How wonderful that is! Thank you very much.

      We would like to apologize, however, for our failure to keep the site current.  We have a lot going on at St. Casimir's and our volunteer parishioners are really very busy.  We are working on a plan to maintain the website on a more current schedule and ask your indulgence. In order to make the site even more interesting, we are in the process of redesigning it as yu will see in the coming weeks....please send us your comments as we progress.


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2 Sunday of Advent


John the Baptist was a prophet - a chosen messenger whose role in life was to prepare the way for God's entry among his people. He came out of the desert and captured the imagination of the people who flocked to hear him, by announcing that the long awaited day of salvation was about to dawn on them. His words stung like the lash of a whip as he reprimanded his listeners for their loose lifestyles which were making them careless and apathetic. The Baptist's message was simple: 'Do penance, reform your lives by prayer and fasting for the kingdom of God is at hand.' The voice of John the Baptist speaks to us across the ages and urges us to prepare a place for the Lord in our hearts.
Advent is an invitation to conversion and John the Baptist gives us some down - to - earth advice on how to change our lives for the better. He talks about filling in valleys of prejudice, leveling down mountains of pride and straightening out the crooked paths of injustice. This morning we ask ourselves what in our lives needs a complete turning around to allow God to come close to us. There are areas and dark corners of ourselves which we do not want disturbed even though we are aware that they prevent God from entering into our innermost being. This Advent time of prayer and penance brings home to us the need to make a fresh start if only to prevent spiritual drift. Preparing a way for for God in our hearts is a time - consuming and costly business. It demands listening to what God is saying to us and, if necessary, acting upon it by making changes in our behavior. Welcoming God involves removing all blockages and obstacles which prevent him from coming close. Preparing a way for the Lord may mean walking a new path. Christ cannot save us without our co - operation. Like a true gentleman he does not force an entry into our lives but waits to be invited.
The voice of John the Baptist reminds us that we have the important task of announcing Christ to others. Our every - day life is a message telling everyone through acts of kindness, honesty and faithfulness that Christ is right here with us. We may be the only book about Christ which many people will ever read. His gospel of love is the answer to the problems of our troubled world. John the Baptist invites us to turn this Advent season into a real spiritual homecoming by making the necessary preparations for the arrival of the Savior into our lives.


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Rev. Andrzej Tenus

St. Casimir's Parish 

Polish National Catholic Church

268 Lakeview Avenue - Lowell, Massachusetts 01850 USA

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