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St. Casimir's Parish 

Polish National Catholic Church

268 Lakeview Avenue - Lowell, Massachusetts 01850 USA

Your prayers are requested
for the sick, shut ins and those serving in our military. ​

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Christ the King ​

Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-17; 1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 28; Gospel: Matthew 25:31-46

On this special day, we're wrapping up our Church's year by celebrating Jesus as the King of the Universe. He's not like typical kings with power and armies. His kingdom isn't about battles; it's about bringing life back. He came from heaven to take us there.

What will we find in heaven? We can't fully know, but it's way more amazing than we can imagine. There's a funny story by C.S. Lewis about heaven. He says there'd be three big surprises: some unexpected people there, others missing we thought would be, and then, being shocked that we're there ourselves.

We've moved past the idea that only some people can go to heaven. Christ's love reaches everyone who genuinely cares for others, no matter what they believe.

Some folks still think only certain types get into heaven. They hear about good people from different backgrounds, like Mahatma Gandhi, and struggle to believe they could be in heaven. But here's the thing: while we say only through Jesus we get to God, God sends His love to everyone through Jesus. Those who truly care for others, even if they don't know Jesus by name, are connected to Him.

Another surprise Lewis talked about is that some we expect to be in heaven might not be there. Sometimes, when someone dies, we comfort ourselves by thinking they're in heaven, even if they made mistakes. But being in heaven doesn't depend on what we want; it's about how much someone lived lovingly, known by the Just Judge.

In a book called 'Purgatorio,' Dante had an interesting idea. He said those not in heaven yet haven't learned how to fully accept God's love. How? By recognizing Christ in others and helping those in need. We pray for those on this journey, called souls in purgatory.

But there are some who've shut themselves off from God's love so much that they won't accept it. That makes it impossible for them to be in heaven.

Lewis's last surprise? Realizing we're in heaven. We're aware of our mistakes, but God sees the love we've grown because of His help. He sees how Christianity became natural for us and how we unknowingly reached out to Him in others.

As this year ends, let's ask for help to see Christ in our world and show His love in what we do. Let's live as part of Christ's Kingdom, sharing His kindness and love with everyone.

May our lives show Christ as the King, displaying His Kingdom through our actions and how we treat others.

Come, Worship With Us on Sunday

You are invited to join us at 10:00 on any Sunday morning to attend Mass at our church. No matter your background, ethnicity, or denomination, we don't look at that. Just people with good will looking for some place to fill out their souls. If you need comfort, a place to pray, this is the place. We do not judge—it's not up to us to judge.  All are welcome.
     The Mass liturgy is celebrated in English and booklets are available for you to  follow the service in comfort. Please come and worship along side the  friendly people of St. Casimir’s.

A Special Announcement...

     We are very thankful for the response we have received from our websie readers! In the very short period of time since we created our site, we have received many messages from you via the Contact Us page with comments and questions about our activities, and requests for information about our church, our cemetery and the PNCC in general.  How wonderful that is! Thank you very much.

      We would like to apologize, however, for our failure to keep the site current.  We have a lot going on at St. Casimir's and our volunteer parishioners are really very busy.  We are working on a plan to maintain the website on a more current schedule and ask your indulgence. In order to make the site even more interesting, we are in the process of redesigning it as yu will see in the coming weeks....please send us your comments as we progress.

Rev. Andrzej Tenus


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