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St. Casimir's Parish 

Polish National Catholic Church

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Confirmation At St. Casimir's Parish

 At 4:00 pm on Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017 the Sacrament of Confirmation was bestowed upon four young people from St. Casimir's Parish in Lowell, Massachusetts    The Right Reverend Paul Sobiechowski, Diocesan Bishop of the Eastern Diocese administered Confirmation, a gift of the Holy Spirit which strengthens faith and affirms the way Christ wants us to live.  The four recipients from St. Casimir's were:Karina Anna Maria Tenus, Ian Joseph John Ford-Hunt, Joseph Peter Sigmund Grieve and Justin Joseph Robert Jaracz.Sponsors were: Agnieszka Tenus, Magdalena Hunt, John Monarca and Joseph Bigelow.

Bishop Sobiechowski spoke with theyoung people and guests in his sermon about their promises to God during the the Confirmants' Declaration.  His address was spoken gently but seriously.  Special emphasis  was placed on their promise to fulfill faithfully their obligations to the Polish National Catholic Church. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are many: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, advice, strength, piety and fear of the Lord.  It is hoped these confirmants will always be faithful members of the PNCC.

During the service, carefully chosen hymns were sung by the choir and those present as Janice Klimczak played the organ.  We were fortunate to have Karen Sobiechowski's beautiful voice joining the choir.

After singing the Hymn of the Polish National Catholic Church Bishop and the Confirmation class processed outside where a group picture was taken.

We at St. Casimir's are thankful Bishop Paul confirmed our young people and are grateful to Father Andrzej Tenus for preparing the class for Confirmation.  We also recognize the support and guidance from the parents and the grandparents of those confirmed.