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Father Andrew, Jonah and Agnes Tenus.

The co-chairs of the parish committee, Dr. Robert Quirbach and Robert Hunt stand with the Tenus family after awarding Jonah with his award.

Scholarship Award

This year the scholarship committee presented Jonah Tenus with their annual scholarship award. Jonah graduated this spring from Lowell High School and also took classes part time at the Greater Lowell Technical High School, where he earned a certificate in IT.

Jonah, the son of Father Andrew and Agnes Tenus, plans to attend UMass Lowell and study cyber security. In his speech, Johan expressed concern about the threats to internet safety and feels that his interest in computers and his skills with technology will help him meet the challenges in this field. He also expressed gratitude for the award, saying the financial support will help with the cost of achieving a college education.

His service to St. Casimir's over the years and his dedication to his studies have made the parishioners so proud of Jonah. We wish him much success in his college experience and in his future career.