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St. Casimir's Parish 

Polish National Catholic Church

268 Lakeview Avenue - Lowell, Massachusetts 01850 USA

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Watch bulletin for additions and further information

 Meetings:  First Sunday, TOP; Second Sunday, Choir; Third Sunday, Parish Committee; Fourth Sunday, ANS.

Throughout the year   Coffee hour following Mass.  First Sunday, Choir; Second Sunday, TOP; Third Sunday, Youth; Fourth Sunday, ANS; Fifth Sunday (fill in).

Also, throughout the year, Youth of the parish are bringing in items for Operation Christmas Child. Children and youth will prepare shoe boxes of useful `items (school supplies, toiletries, games) to be distributed to children  who are less fortunate.


Year round                    Make pierogi and goląbki  as needed


April                              Mailing to the sick/shut-ins (ANS) 

April                              Meal in the Upper Room,  BVM Parish, Fall River, MA 

April 5                            Palm Sunday- ANS Bake Sale/Raffle                                                       

April 7                           Holy Mass with Blessing of Oils,  TBA

April  9                          Holy Thursday, Mass at 6 pm  Soup and Bread supper (ANS)

April 10                          Good Friday Mass of the Presanctified 10 am; Divine Mercy novena, 3 pm

April 11                         Holy Saturday, Mass at 10 am followed by preparation of church  by ANS.

April 12                         Easter Sunday  Procession and Mass, 9 am

Mid April                        Church property and Cemetery clean up 

May                              May Devotions (Nabożeństwo Majowe) Litany and Benediction, 6  pm Wednesdays

May 3                           Mother's  Day Tea (ANS)                       

May 7                           Seniorate teleconference, 7 pm

May 10                         Mother's Day

May 16                         ANS Convention,  Mass at 10 am Central Falls, RI

May 23                         PAV placing of flags on graves in Pelham, 9 am

May 25                         Memorial Day.  Mass at Cemetery, 10 am followed by hot dog picnic lunch (ANS).

June 6                          Diocesan Council meeting, Holy Rosary Parish, Chicopee, MA

June 21                         Father's Day/First Holy Communion

June     (last week)        Canobie Lake (Youth Group)     

June 11                          Corpus Christi/Procession, Mass, Lowell, MA

June ??                         Acolyte Retreat

June  28                        Strawberry Pancake Breakfast (Scholarship  Committee)  

July??                           Cathedral of the Pines, 3:30 pm

July/August                   ANS Summer Social  (TBA)      

July 20-24                     CONVO           

August 16                      Blueberry Pancake Breakfast                

August 24-28                  Camp Howe Youth Retreat

August 30                      Youth Sunday

September 13               Solemnity of Brotherly Love 

 October                        Recitation of the Rosary

October 3                      Blessing of pets

October 4                      Pastor Appreciation Day

October 11                    Solemnity of the Christian Family

October/November        Hat/mitten drive for Lowell Public Schools

October 17                    Polish Food Fest, 10 am-3 pm

October 25                    All Souls Service, 1 pm, Parish cemetery

 November  8                 Youth Group Dinner/Talent Show

November 8/15              Veterans Remembrance in church

November  15               Final day for Operation Christmas Child donations

November 15                 Parish elections and parish committee meeting  
December                     Christmas mailing to sick/shut-ins (ANS);  Giving Tree

December 5                  Homecoming, 5 pm

December 12                Food Pantry Christmas Party (parish center)

December 23                Prepare Church for Christmas

December 24/25            Christmas (Masses at 10 pm [Eve] and 10 am [Day])

January  2021               Installation of officers